Apparel Design & Fabrication Technology

To develop students multi faceted design capabilities related to the area of Textile & Clothing. To develop analysis, communication, presentation skills on fashion, Fashion trends, Merchandising & Fashion growth. This course encourages students to develop skills in product development by using design elements, from procurement of fabric to its creative conversion into products which includes Men's, Women's, Children's, accessories & house hold articles.

Opportunities :
Self driven enterprises, garment manufacturing, fashion houses, boutiques, costume designing.

Immense scope for individual assertion and creation leading to fulfilling & richly rewarding careers in the areas viz., Merchandising, Production, Production Control, Quality Control, Visual merchandising, Retail merchandising, etc.

Higher Studies :

  • Lateral entry to second year B.Sc (FAD – Fashion & Apparel Design)
  • Lateral admission to 3rd Semester of UG program of NIFT
  • Lateral admission to 3rd Semester to BE (TEXTILES) through CET
  1. Veena, HOD
  2. Sapna Ravindran, Lecturer
  3. Sumithra Kumari, Lecturer
  4. B. C. Shobha, Lecturer
  5. Pooja H Udupa, Instructor
  6. K. Pushpalatha, Instructor

Yoga and Meditation Workshop:
‘Yoga’ the word essentially means that which brings you to reality. Yoga literally means ‘Union’. Union refers to bringing you to ultimate reality, where individual manifestation of life are surface bubbles in the process of creation.

As per the syllabus , we had a three day yoga and meditation carried out by professionals of ‘Heartfulness purity weaves destiny’ one of the professionalized yoga and meditation authority.

The sessions were carried out on 21st, 22nd and 23rd of September 2017. There were 6 Trainers:

Dr. Phani Renu, Smt. Vidya Kini, Sri. Roopa Singa, Smt. Anupama, Smt, Jyothi and Mr. Girish.
These trainers taught us how to meditate and yoga. Dr. Phani Renu gave us the guidance for the first two days. The third day ,Mr.Girish s had guided us and gave us the knowledge of meditation and its benefits. Heartfulness meditation brings long lasting change in behavior and attitude. This session helped us to have a balanced life.