Electrical & Electronics Engineering


  • To achieve 100% academic results, students all round development like personality, trouble shooting-skill of equipments, communications & presentation skills.
    Ideal candidate should have aptitude and interest to learn more about the day-to-day expereienced subject of Electrical & Electronics. Electrical & Electronics. Electrical & Electronics Branch deals with two streams of engineering i.e., Electrical & Electronics Engineering. Electrical Engineering deals with generation, distribution and utilization of Electrical Power and Power Control & Instrumentation applications. Electronics Engineering deals with the applications of electronics in the fields of communications, control systems, microprocessors, industrial electronics, instrumentation and integrated circuits, etc.

    Experienced faculty coupled with very well established laboratories facilitate maximization of learning skills in the students.

    Skills related to preventive maintenance.

    Development & exposure to theory & practice.

    Medical Electronics.

Opportunities :
Very good opportunities for employment in Public, Private and IT Sectors. In addition, Scope for Self Employment is very high:

Higher Studies :
Students can pursue their careers in Bachelor of Engineering Courses.
Lateral entry to 3rd Semester of BE course for Karnataka Students. through DCET.

Slno Name Qualification
1 H R Sridhara HOD / Vice Principal - ME(II Sc)
2 Mr. A.C Nagraj B.E
3 Mr. Srikanth .C B.E , MTech
4 Ms. Geetha M. A B.E , MTech
5 Ms.B.S Ratna B.E , MTech
6 Ms. Gnaneshwari .V B.E , MTech
7 Ms. Amulya Rao B B.E
8 Mr. Visheshwaraya JOC

1)Guest lecture on DC Motors and Armature Reaction conducted on 25/09/2019, by Dr.Chandrashekar Badachi, Professor E&E department,RIT,Bangalore