Electronics & Communication Engineering

Mission :

    To achieve 100% result by making understanding simpler, using models, experiments & teach student about himself through interactive sessions etc. The department of Electronics and Communication Engineering aims at imparting students with strong 'technical skills in the design, development and manufacturing of electronic devices and systems. To ensure high standards of learning, the Dept. has well-equipped laboratories and extremely talented and experienced faculty.

Placement :
Tremendous opportunities span across public and private sectors in Testing, Servicing and Installation in the field of Electronics and communication, Industrial Electronics and Instrumentation specific.

Higher Studies :
After successful completion of diploma, Karnataka students can take Bachelor of Engineering courses under lateral entry scheme.

  1. V. Manjunath, HOD
  2. B. Suchetha, Lecturer
  3. Ayesha Patel, Lecturer
  4. K. Umakanth Reddy, Lecturer
  5. M. Shilpa, Lecturer
  6. K. Anil Kumar, Lecturer
  7. J. Pallavi, Lecturer
  8. Sriroop B.K., Lecturer
  9. Jyothi Itagi, Instructor
  10. Chandrashekar, Instructor
  11. M. Bhagirathi, Instructor

Workshop Held
1. Workshop for "I/O integration for embedded system design" for IV ECE and VI E&E students of Ramaiah Polytechnic, Bangalore from 29th January 2018 to 31st January 2018 by Indian Tech-keys, Bangalore

Embedded System is a combination of hardware and software. Based on the code or software we are controlling the hardware system.

The Workshop aims at knowing about embedded system, coding and implementation of projects in a embedded system.

2. Workshop on "Printed Circuit board design" was conducted on 27th to 29th July 2017 for 5th Semester E & C students conducted by "Indian Tech Keys".

3. Students gained knowledge on Analog circuit explanation with working. PCB technology and terminology, foot print preparation, drilling into layer component placement soldering, testing and other improvements, circuit integration and product testing.