Mechanical Engineering (General)


  • To achieve 100% academic results
  • To update the students with latest developments taking place in the field
  • To produce competent Mechanical Engineers

The Course:
This Branch of Engineering offers opportunity to attain proficiency in Mechanical Engineering through theoretical study as well as practical in general engineering subjects during the first two semester. This will be followed by indepth skill development in specialized areas like Computer Numerical Control, Mechatronics, Metal Casting, Computer Integrated Manufacturing etc. They also learn to handle different machine tools, jigs, fixtures and measuring instruments. In the final year the students takeup interesting projects to apply the concept learnt in earlier semesters and become "Industry Ready" to takeup competent job or pursue higher studies.

Career Opportunities:
Mechanical Engineering is an evergreen field and is in great demand in most of the engineering industries. Students get opportunity to participate in campus recruitment.
Lateral entry to 3rd Semester of BE course for Karnataka Students. through DCET.

  1. A.G. Prasad Kumar, (HOD)
  2. Aravind V Aditya, Lecturer
  3. K. M. Prahlad Kumar, Lecturer
  4. Divyashree, Lecturer
  5. S. Shruthi, Lecturer
  6. H. N. Rangaiah, Lecturer
  7. H. V. Yogesh, Lecturer
  8. B. S. Mahendra, Instructor
  9. Ravikant M Tegore, Instructor
  10. L. Subramani Instructor