The innovation club has been set up in the Polytechnic to create a platform for students and staff members to be more innovative in developing technology applications for industry and the society.

Specific problem statements are posted for which there is a need to come with an innovative idea as a solution to the problem in the form of a product.

On such product has already been developed by the Staff and students of E&C Dept comprising an embedded microcontroller based pedestrian crossing signalling system .This product technology has also been transferred to a small scale industry who had shown interest in taking it up for manufacturing.

Some details of this Technology transfer:
Product: An embedded microcontroller based Pedestrian crossing signalling system
Associated Staff Member: Smt. Arutselvi, Lecturer, E& C Dept.
Student: Ajayraj
Name of Industry: M/S Core Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru

The institution is targeting to get atleast one innovative product out of this club activity from each Dept in an academic year.