Library is one of the important resources that every college should have to help & support students, faculties for their academic year.

Libraries provide a wide range of materials, including Books, Journals, e-Books, Magazines, Newspapers etc,.

The Ramaiah polytechnic has a exhaustive library with more than 8500 books & Digital library Books.
The library has several books in various courses of Technical and Non-Technical, Mathematics and Science.

  • The Library will be kept open an all working days 9.00 to 4.30 PM. Saturday 9.00 to 1.00 PM.
  • Books will be given to the students after making necessary entries in the in the issue register by producing their library card.
  • The number of books taken by the student at a time from the library is limited to one book.
  • Reference books and Magazines will be available for Faculties & Students during working hours.
  • Provision for reading inside the library is provided for the Faculties & Students.