Skill Development Programme

(Refrigerators, Air-Conditioners and Washing Machines - RAC)

Course: Advance RAC Technician Course
Educational Qualifications: SSLC,PUC,ITI/JOC & Diploma or any interest Candidate
Duration : 03 Months full time course (includes class room practical and on-field training) making you prepared for Independent Servicing Technicians.

Application fee : Rs 50/- and Rs 60/- Advantages

  • Opportunity is fast growing in HOME APPLIANCES field.
  • Good Learning environment providing RAC education from a reputed manufacturer in india.
  • Acquire additional knowledge in Washing Machine, Fridge Technology.
  • Facilitates for quality education at reasonable fee.
  • Opportunity for placement at ASPs for bright and successful students.
  • At the end of course joint certificate from Ramaiah Polytechnic-Godrej for successful candidates.
  • Prizes to highly merited and successful students.
The major thrust is on the Continuing Education Cell, which encompasses the needs of the Industry, Business and community by organizing short-term programs. The persons working in the above sectors need upgradation of their skills to meet the introduction of new technologies. The continuing education plays a great role in the career building of the employees through short term programs. Thus the cell develops and delivers programs to group of individuals to meet the needs of the job market. The individuals can learn the skills in positive, nurturing environment in the career-oriented programs. Short term programs are conducted for the benefit of students in order to expose to the Technological developments taking place in different sectors.